Documentation and example projects are included in the download package.
Download the latest version of FastGrav:

FastGrav v0.9.0 for Windows

FastGrav v0.9.0 for Mac

(Some Mac users have reported having trouble opening the application. I recommend ensuring you have permission to run applications downloaded from the internet, and trying to use a different zip/unzip program than the default Mac utility. It seems the problem is a combination of newer MacOS permissions and Mac not playing nice with some .zip archives. The easiest way to avoid this is to use the Windows version, which works on every version of Windows 7+ without a problem.)

...or use this Google Drive link.

Please contact me directly with bug reports, feedback, or questions. I appreciate your help in improving the software, and I can respond to small issues quite quickly.
If the download links are not working for any reason, try this Google Drive link, or email me. I can send you the software directly.

Including the word "FastGrav" in your subject line will ensure I see your email as quickly as possible.